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Letter from the President

This is my second term as your NWARW President. It is with great honor and joy that I serve such outstanding Republican ladies. As you know, Austin and Travis County are the blueberries in a red Texas. Unfortunately, the Austin and Travis County blue tentacles are stretching out to other areas in Texas. Texas has always fought back when enemies threaten her and we shall do just that!

NWARW is your home where like-minded ladies and gentlemen congregate because our club represents HOPE, fun, education, community projects, great speakers, welcoming hugs, and big smiles! There are more Republicans out there than you think and that is why our club is so special. I find it comforting to go to the grocery store, church, or other meetings where I see a Republican and especially one from our club!

We are not just a social club, we are doers, and want you to join in! Our club's community project is RED OAK which helps victims of sex trafficking. We have assembled “In God We Trust” framed posters which will be hung in Austin ISD and other schools. NWARW has a Literacy Committee which will provide FREE Constitutions, dictionaries, and other Conservative books to schools to help educate our sweet children in the third and eighth grades. We have great speakers at our daytime meetings, and we also have evening socials with speakers and “spirited” refreshments at our CHAT nights. This year the Texas Legislature is working diligently on new bills which will later become law. As a club, we have our legislatures' ears so that our morals and values are incorporated into their bills.

In addition, we actively support candidates who share our beliefs. We provide workshops, social events, and zoom meetings to help educate our members. NWARW is under the umbrella of the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW) and Texas Federation of Republican Women (TFRW). We are the recipients of what goes on nationally and state wide so therefore we are a UNITED force! This year TFRW will have a state convention in Irving in October where you will be able to meet ladies from all over Texas. We are constantly evolving and are recognized for our contributions to the Republican Party!

My focus is to grow NWARW by encouraging members to bring their relatives, friends, and neighbors to our monthly meetings. NWARW mission is to educate, motivate and activate members and spread the truth. It is a very confusing, chaotic world out there, but together we can make a “RIGHTEOUS” difference! Welcome to our HOME!

God bless you, TEXAS, and the United States of America!

Linda Durnin

President, Northwest Austin Republican Women

NW Austing Republican Women